greenjudy, don’t take my kodachrome away

I did database magic and transeferred those photo essays from Kiya’s possession to greenjudy’s. And then I looked at them. And they made my eyes rather happy.

And if you wish to remove some of them, I understand, but I don’t want POM to become a sterile place, with one project and nothing else allowed, yanno? We should be able to post blog musings, that feed us even if they don’t concern POM directly. We might begin other books here, branching off or winding towrards this one… or three or however it all turns out to be.

That’s my thinky for the afternoon 🙂

How to put books in order

Yes, we sure do need to put pages back in place.

the big work space, of course, is here;

I’ve found the three dropdown bars are very handy– I set my first one to “unpublished” and click “filter”

Then I usually hit either “story” or “forum” and hit “refine”

gives me a fairly reasonable task load… With which we must hit edit
one at a time. the scut-work involves moving down to “book format” and
clicking it open. Choose the top-level “book” it goes into, from the
drop-down, or choose “”make new book”. If you’ve put it into an
existing book, you’ll get a second dropdown with all the pages that are
in it, so ou can put the page under whatever it goes with. Don’y worry
about the number-chooser-thingie, we have a better way to move pages
into order now!

Make sure, before you click “save” at the bottom of the page, that you click “publishing options” just above it, and hit the “published” ticky-box.

Once you hit “save”, the page will disappear from your workload… cause you’re only looking at unpublished g=pages, right?

To order book pages, go here;

click “edit order and titles” To move pages around, you grab the nice
little maltese cross to the left. You can push the cross in or out as
well– puts the title into a hierarchal order….

Kinda cool, huh?

The Dismal Swamp and House Construction

Well, I went in and changed all the references to Pen having a basement because the water table is so high that there probably is no way that he could have one. A root cellar is a different matter, but it probably isn’t very large or high. So I adjusted.

Less for Hal to have to tromp through in the dark, anyway…

Housekeeping things

As we put our pages back in place, you may (I have,) come across pages that should be forum posts, or blog posts. Thus far, I haven’t found a way to change the category of posted material from the site; I can do it behind the scenes in the database however. So, let’s make notes here in this post, as we find orphaned items.

Wait till you see how easy it is to arrange book pages, wahoo!

And we should have a nice text editor, like the one we used to have. maybe tonight.

Just one more of the things I forgot to say; the book pages are visible by non-registered visitors, but the forum is private; it can only be seen by what I’ve called “core writers”, meaning our selves; we can make parts visible to registered members who are not core writers as well, if we feel the desire to do so.

There is an infinitude of possibilities here, thanks to the devotion of the drupal team!

An Exclamation…

Exclamation – Hot damn, this is cool! We have a forum!

Ephemera – Did you know that some people collect vintage air sickness bags? (Ick.)

Ejaculation – Stella, I think I love you!

Enjoinder – Eh, I’m too spent from the above to issue one of those…

request to the plural yous, edited for simplicity

Over on googl, I commented:

I have a friend I’d like to show the website to. I mentioned google docs’s capabilities, but am not sharing anything like this until I have a sense of what he thinks of the writing. Fun conversation today. Would having him wonder in and register (not as composer, as audience) be acceptable to you? Or would you rather I sent him over to my lj instead?

greenjudy commmented there:

You sent your friend to look at the POM stuff? Or was he specifically interested in the real-time writing clusterfuck approach? XD – 9/17/08 11:22 PM
Have not yet sent him any link, intended POM.
she replied:
Personally, I consider POM to be out in public, no problem, bring it on-
He was interested in the writing, and also in goggledocs, but I told him how to get to google docs in general (not ours) if he’s interested. I have a sense of care about privacy, or try to. *bowing* thank you!
So I’d like to know if it’s all right with all to refer people to register as audience, not composers. (Our adoring public, maybe.)
Did not want to startle Stella with strange new names outta nowhere!
Comments, plis?

Grace Cross

Grace is rather tall and curvaceous and pale, with freckles across the bridge of her nose and the tops of her shoulders. Her face is serious most of the time, even sad, but her smile is like the sun breaking out from behind a cloud. Her cheeks are rounded. When she smiles, she does it with her whole being. Her hair is shortish, a sort of pixie cut, and is blue-black, as are her eyebrows. Her eyes are a greyish green, and her eyelashes are light brown.

She’s well-toned, but not muscular, with the sort of grace and balance that hints at a whole lot of practice. Ballet? Tai Chi? Hard to tell. She’s also very adept at serving things, as a waitress would be. She’s also good with a cash register, if a bit rusty.

She works hard, and hates to be idle, but is prone to periods of extreme fatigue and muscle soreness. (She has fibromyalgia.) When she’s in that state, not so graceful.

She’s very quiet unless she’s very comfortable with her surroundings, is kind to animals, and hates bigots.

Korean Shamanism

A page parent for explorations of Korean shamanism as it relates to Principle of Moments.
One notable and suggestive idea, drawn from Covell, who is writing in 1986 and may not be reliable, is that Korean shamanism has its earliest roots in Siberia.
Not sure why, but this seems hugely important to me.