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Briefing on Bugs

Ivan pulls out a different flash drive, inserts that into the laptop, and his XO turns out the lights again. Ivan glances up.  “For those of you who are not familiar with bugs, this is one of the most highly …

verandah on stilts among trees

Off in the Back Lot

Rene’s knees are giving him fits.

Tiny’s ears flatten. Unusual from him, when he’s got his binoculars up. Funniest thing, the stag-headed zoomorph in a gimme cap, peering through binoculars and scowling like any other frustrated hunter in the parish. …

rowboat tied under brick bridge

The Back Forty

Had he the power, Pen would bury the house. Profile it as low as possible, like the other tasks, all the good he and Iscen were able to do with the blood money.

Pen has considered it from an engineering …

A Bubble Moment

Drin knew there’d be some moment of surprise, some utterly strange thing that would make him look at his new lover in total disbelief.

Instead, he is looking across the kitchen table at Emma that way, the first time the …

Flight of the Bumblebee

Ivan hits the remote, clicking through a series of still shots.  Some are crude booking room shots which show their subject’s size.  Several are publicity stills used on the Metro’s website, revealing the man’s dark angular appearance.  Street shots, front …

Distance Dreams

Drin sits in front of the open balcony door.  The wind riffles the sheers, and they catch sunset light in the folds.  Idle speculations about the inflated cost of the ungainly hotel furniture occupy the front of his mind.  He’s …

Stories from the Swamp

Thank God, they’ve learned the bugs do have flaws.

The swampers have sent that along. Ivan’s people want to learn more about how they’re fighting back the bugs, and not always losing. Some of those people are distinctly odd.  They’re …

Car Talk

Do your favorite characters listen to Car Talk on NPR?

If so, what car problem do they call in with?

Which, I gotta admit, is a little different from the usual memes.

emmaboredatwork to teslamomma:

Can you believe it?? I …

Selling Romance

Emma makes a disgusted noise. “Well, so much for Bud’s expensive photographer! Look at what our webmistress did with it!”

Drin stares at her aged computer screen, turns his head sidwise like an owl, and makes her laugh. “I saw …