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Among The Finer Gifts

Interference Colors

Drin’s eye is caught by a glint of sunlight, and he glances downward as he puts away his briefcase from work.

Dance is curled up on his side on the couch, the game controller fallen out of his slack hand, …

Among the Finer Gifts

Drin is aware that his fellow serious Symphony patrons are mostly auditory people. They can remember voices but not faces.  They do not respond to, nor do they think of appealing to, visual sensory input–which explains a lot about the …

three arches to other places


Hi teslamomma,
Got yours of the 29th.
Let me know.
I owe ya, thanks!

Well, it’s clear from the focal convergence the sloppy photog was taking it from that two-story across the street, can see how grainy …

dolphin brace for cannon


Well, he was expecting something. They’re cleverer than he anticipated.

Must be younger supervisors in charge these days. These are a different sort of Fibbie. Mountie. Whatever it is, the Canuck version of TSA. Or whatever the hell they’re calling …