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Welcome to the Bayou

Visiting the New Neighbors

“Yeah, hello?” Keisha said, shading her eyes against the morning light. Then she blinked. One of the prettiest men she’d seen in a long time was standing on her front boardwalk, one brown fist raised toward the rusty old door-knocker. …

Some Questions

“I was born this way, here in the swamp, maybe from wild stuff dumped out here.” Hal shrugged.

“Made by the swamp?” Keisha said softly.

“Yeah, I guess so. So yeah, I ain’t always this normal-looking. I can’t stay just …

Some Unpleasant Answers

Hal blinked. His pupils were changing. Sliding round, going oddly-shaped, as if he was halfway turning into a goat.

Seung propped his head into his hand as if he was about to go to sleep. “I got back to lockup …

The Fishing Hole

“Older brother, there is good hunting tonight, I would like to share it with you.” Dance said, and then repeated it in English for Keisha. “He would benefit from the exercise, if that’s acceptable,” he added in her direction.

“Feel …

Provoking Seung

More people stood by the houseboat rail, staring and pointing. Emma was out there with her mouth open–talking–and Keisha was just watching, grinning her widest grin.

Seung said, “I’m hungry. Show me simple things here. Mudbugs, yes?”

Dance nodded. “Back …

A Harmony of Snarling Nagas

Dance was in the water ahead of Seung, swimming hard in the other direction away from the truck, back up toward the clinic dock.

Seung wasted some moments getting his ribs to work again, whooping for air, and then he …

Keisha’s Rules

“So I guess you got some issues,” his Boss said.

Seung mumbled into her neck.

“You okay, Dance? Good. And thanks. I’m gonna take this guy home now, cool him off.” She gripped Seung’s hair, tugged at him. “Manners, my …