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Be Here Now

Unwanted Company

He’s fine at home. Comfortable, warm, easy as falling into a hammock. He doesn’t need other people besides his lovers. Both his lovers. So, a large hammock.

He does not need this.

Drin stares at the co-worker who’s planted himself, …

Accidental Beauty

Emma sinks into a corner of a battered leather sofa, and pulls a thick crocheted comforter over her legs, and rests her head on the cracked back cushions. A faint odor of incontinent animals and children rises from the area. …

bw photo bent back spinal knobs


“Come join us, Em,” Drin calls out, and Emma walks through the hotel suite towards the bath. There’s a wild gust of night-time wind sweeping through; Dance had opened every window in this corner room, heedless of the air-conditioning.

The …