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Adult content

This collection of original fiction includes explicit sexual content, swearing, and violence. It is intended for mature readers.

The Principle of Moments is a multi-braned, multi-brained, experiment in non-linear asynchronous storytelling.

About the books

There is a violinist, who finds domestic happiness just before his life explodes in his face. There’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t actually come from Australia. There’s an ex-military man, now a financial wizard, with terrifying nightmares.

There’s a young woman, who only wants security and safety for her young son, and finds herself living a fairytale. There is a prince under a malicious spell. There is a man with a mission.

There is a Caribbean smuggler who is forced onto the land in charge of the strangest crew she could possibly imagine. There’s a man who was a brutal killer, now changed beyond his imagining. There is a Puss in Boots.

There are people who are more, or less, than human. There’s a miserable old alcoholic, who may hold the keys to many mysteries in his addled brain.

These separate life-threads all barrel toward a collision on some acreage that isn’t quite water and isn’t quite land and isn’t quite tame and may be very beautiful, but can be very harsh.

There is chronology in these books– not quite linear. But it’s there. There’s a principle to these moments, each chapter made up of episodes, moments, ideas, images

Out of Time; Toys, Tools, and Pleasures

The Pillow Books

We write a lot of sex. Porn, schmoop, loving, harsh. Sometimes it has no place in the story line. Thus, pillowbooks.


little gems, exercises, conversations between characters, spiral-bound notebook stuff.

The Library (References and Oddments)

This is an archive the cool ideas we came across, the great links, the oddments we don’t want to forget. This is also the place to hear some of the music we’re talking about, or view referenced artwork.

About the writers

The Principle of Moments is a multi-braned, multi-brained, experiment-in-progress. The branes will be presented as separate “books” made up of “chapters” which are made up of “episodes.”

We created the first passages in this book in the year 2007, on livejournal. By the time we created this independent version, December 2009, our first Chapter was complete in three episodes, and the first two episodes of the second chapter had become  available. Episodes appeared more or less every three days– more or less. Sometime in 2012  life had gotten the best of the team, the branes fell into disarray, and progress slowed to a halt.

At this time, October of 2019, our long-quiescent project has begun to stir once more.  Back to the swamp we go!

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Almost Eye to Eye

Teo is chopping firewood. Well, at least that’s what’s telling himself. The heat and humidity are building up to a thunderstorm, but it’s not really registering. He had impatiently stripped off his sweaty tee and flung it into a pile of wood splinters behind him without even thinking about the …

A Polite Request

“It’s open.” It takes a minute for the spreadsheets to clear from his mind, but Teo looks up to see who’s at the entrance to the clinic’s living quarters. The barely-cool autumnal breeze ruffles the papers spread out in front of him.  Dance is standing on the doormat holding his …

A Tale of a Tail

Dance and Grace disappear under the water, leaving Teo behind on the shore.  They’re headed upstream, of course, but does the road follow the banks of the bayou?  He spins in a tight circle, looking for anything, a motorbike, a bicycle, a… horse?  Yes, a horse.   He’s too rushed …

Brotherly Love

“I’ve studied the damaged memory phenomenon.  The sarcobox causes some damage, of course, but I’m assuming that your memory was worked on, as well.  They almost never let anyone come through transit without messing with their brains.” Teo knows he sounds bitter, and he can feel his lip curling in …

Feeding Frenzy

 “Come in, Grace,” Dance calls cheerfully when she knocks on the door to the Trio’s houseboat. “We are in the kitchen.”  It must be strange to live with a naga.  No secrets.   She carries the basket of fresh eggs into the room and sets them down on the counter.  …

The Errand

Keisha cursed under her breath as the steering wheel fought her grip. An entire day of rain followed by an entire day of sunshine had turned Rainette Road into something treacherous, baked ruts like the swell of a riptide. It doesn’t help that it’s getting dark. Not a single street …

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