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Stadium Effect

bubbles 'Little Worlds' by Nathan Kendall


“Love?” Drin drops to his knees, straddling Dance’s tail. “What else can I get you? More water?” His hands sweep over Dance’s chest, check his vitals, cup his neck, go back to his chest when he coughs again. It helps.…

black feather pen on handwritten journal

Köchel’s Savant

The wind scales down completely, and there’s things flapping and racketing slowly away, and then the houses creaks and groans in the quiet. Time to talk while we can, Dance thinks. Be quick. Lots of ground to cover now.

“K …

brown basket of two parts curled together

Consultation of Students

“What’s next?” Emma says, with a glance at the plywooded window.

“I grab what I can of that missing Locatelli–” Dance says, and Drin braces the little notebook with one hand, while Dance’s tail fumbles with the pen. “–and I …

A Gentle Request

Drin hadn’t been sure Pen would come, and Barret had just shrugged. “Anybody’s guess,” he says, as he sits down on the floor, not quite level with Dance, but much closer. Not looming over him.

“Barret,” Dance says, staring mostly …