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Bad Moon Rising

“The bees came to find you,” Dance says.

Drin glances at the tree.  “They swarmed?”

“I called your beekeeping friends, as you say to do.”

“Oh, that explains it,” Drin says.

Dance tilts his head up in a precise jerk …

Bad Blues and Flat Tires

Doctor Alexander nods politely when the Chu twins settle on stools on either side of him.  He appreciates the strength in the slender fingers as they touch his shoulder in greeting, the claw prickles gently reminding him they could rip …

The Pogues Can Be a bit sharp at times

The Pogues, singing the Broad Majestic Shannon, with lyrics here.


They have other songs that the Trio would like too.

I could imagine Drin singing “The Gentleman Soldier,” with all the gruff bits, mocking the man at fault, and …


It feels silly, mundane, to stagger off the kitchen table, wipe themselves off, and pull up their pants.  Of course Drin cracks jokes and waddles around the kitchen with his ass bare and pants around his knees, pulling them wide …

Traditional Korean music

A piece performed on traditional Korean instrument called a gayageum, which is developmentally related to instruments larger than a western dulcimer.
AS the poster noted in a comment, these are like the Japanese koto, the Gucheng (China), and Dan Trank …

Older classical viola music

To clarify here, the viola da gamba is *not* the same as a modern viola.
A collection curated by Mme. Hardy on live journal:

John Dowland, “Now, o now I needs must part”, performed by Dorothy Linell and Steven Rickards:…

RE: Teeth

among the comments for Teeth:

RE: the audio, also very interesting stuff. I was struggling to pick up the wording (my speakers be cr**) until I looked at the lyrics. Interesting indeed.
from this site,

Future Foe Scenarios lyrics…

But Then They Ask Why

“Explaining why he preferred conducting the Berlin Philharmonic to the Vienna Philharmonic: ‘If I tell the Berliners to step forward, they do it. If I tell the Viennese to step forward, they do it. But then they ask why.’”

the …

Characters Who Run off with Your Story

RE: who the characters are, it’s a little complex.

The original kernal starts with the characters in the Teot books.

There’s friends of mine who really like thse characters. One of these friends, besides being a long long-time sf & …