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Unlocking Secrets

child in dotted shadow, by Rui Palha

The Play of Not Quite Composers

“It’s locked,” Pen says, “because it’s dangerous. This instrument is deadly dangerous.” Certainly, Dance thinks, Pen looks nervous. “Often–” and he sees it again, a cloudiness, evidence of a secret,in Pen’s face–it’s like finding a secret door where you …

black violin and bow against tan wall

Unlocking Secrets

“There’s a little fluffy business,” Pen says then, “with maths. Isn’t there? Set of codes? Codes and rotations–Ah! Locatelli. You reverse-engineered the song, didn’t you, from the findings. Show me. No, first the numbers, then the tune. The–this is daft. …

drawings of skulls by tobiee at deviantart


Pen does not have unlimited power.

Power to protect from harm, Pen thinks, is a dreadful thing. Because that power has an edge, it has its limit, it can only extend so far. You protect–

You protect yourself, Pen thinks, …

browned shrimp on grill

When the Devil Drives

Barret is hungry. Ravenous.

He realizes this in a bewildered rush, watching Pen breathe with his hand resting on the now-open case. When did he eat? Did he even eat?

The whole house vibrates. Dance, who looks green-seasick and is …