Morning Has Broken

It’s quiet when he opens his eyes in a shaft of bright light.  He frowns, feels that the hollow next to him is barely warm, and that Drin must have tucked up the sheets around him.  He feels a hot coal of warning light up in his tailbone when he …

Dramatis Locae

The place we’re talking about, Bayou Rainette Possible locations Since the setting is practically a chara in its own right… I didn’t check on whether the Chitimacha tribe was in this area, I know that Tina had a spot in mind there. ETA later: The Chitimacha Reservation is located in …

More book sections up

Yup, it’s a 3-day weekend, so I slammed up a bunch of posts today from some of our older googledocs work, also some re-edits.

Mostly some minor edits where I caught continuity issues or typos or phrasings (gotta catch Dance when our pretty brown guy forgets his in-scene accent and starts talkin’ that colloquial ‘Merican stuff again.)  Or *cough* where I could add some *cough* pf those minor little pr0nnish details we all love.

recent posts

I am just letting everyone know– a link to a complete list of every new activity, forum or blog or story page, is now at the top of the right hand column.
It should really be us core writers’ front page…

Update, edited research

edited to add:

–Added another old lj copied page with embedded YouTube links to Research/Music, however, I have not figured out how to use code or nw text editor (thank you!) for embedding it.  So code for it hanging out raw on Research/Music page, "Mostly Fogarty".

New chunk posted –Family Snapshots

Slightly edited from the chunk on googledocs. It looks different here than there!
Also, interesting point, when I rearrange book outlines in “A Rather Baroque Trio”, no problem, it saves.

But when I just tried it again in the main section, “Be Here Now,” it doesn’t save my rearrangements. The order of things there is still way off on the end.
So I’m wondering if some default is set slightly differently between the two.
Or if it has anything to do with the ownership/authorship of particular pieces, or just more stooof at greather length is posted there??

Adjusted timeline

I’ve gone through and re-worked The Frog Prince and Hurricane Princess to better reflect the timing of the eye and other stuff. My description of the OTHER eyewall is much paler than NV’s great tornado cell-eyewall on the other side, but that can be fixed.

Edit at will, of course. I’m reaching here.


I was talking with Wolf (SO) about the Naga books, and I realized that I don’t know how to pronounce some of this stuff. Naga is easy, but Teot? Caladrunan? Girdeth, for that matter? How do you pronounce this stuff, NV?