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Faith, Hope, and Grace (Swamp Trio Four)

Et Voila!

“…et Voila!”

The bouquet of bright paper blossoms just appears in his hand, as if by magic. He presents them to her with a flourish.

“You are the most unusual fairytale King I’ve ever met,” Claudia laughs, taking the flowers …


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For just a second, all Grace can feel is the warm back pressed up against her face. Just a second, and then the pain comes roaring in, along her limbs, her hips. And she has to pee, too. Great.

She …

Letting the Other Shoe Drop

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“I see it percolatin’ in yer eyes, every time you look at me,” Hal says lightly, “so maybe ya better just come out with it.” He leans one hip against Pen’s kitchen counter.

Claudia nearly drops the pitcher that she’s …

A Mechanical Emergency

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Lucas is crumpled in the shade of a large live oak tree. It’s almost impossible to see him huddled against the tree’s trunk, but easy enough to hear him sobbing. His face is streaked with mud where he’s swiped at …


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Hal helped Grace stash the groceries she’d bought in town. Lucas sat at the kitchen table. The red-haired boy was totally enthralled by the weird toy that Hal had bought him. It was a series of brightly-colored clear plastic tubes …


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They’re laughing as they walk to the parking lot.  There isn’t enough parking along Main Street, where most of the shops are; this overflow lot handles quite a bit of traffic on the weekends, but today it’s nearly empty.  Lucas

The Popsicle Maker

Packaging crinkles as Hal turns the popsicle mold over in his hands, eyes narrowed. “Did you know,” he says, “that water-based lube freezes?”

Drin and Dance look at each other, thoughtful.  Emma brays laughter, sees Grace’s horrified face, and almost

A Moment’s Peace

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Haroldine stumps up the path to the house after midnight. In the mudroom Hal is leaning his back against the dryer and Grace is laid out along him, face tucked under his chin. There are streaks of mud from the …

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

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Early morning is Grace’s favorite time of day. The rising sun paints the swamp mist with such beautiful colors. Everything still smells fresh and clean after the cool of the night, before the sun has a chance to cook the …