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Boring Is Good

Living Gold

Emma is expecting something, as she pulls up in front of the house. Dance’s phone call alerted her.

“Honey bees, all in the garden. A swarm!”

But–she wasn’t expecting anything like this. The roaring of uncountable wings penetrates the …

Bad Dreams to Share

Emma slouches back in the hard metal patio chair and hoists up her foot.

Dance, without comment, pulls off her shoe and starts rubbing her arches gently, pulling on her toes and making crackly noises come out of her bones. …

Pillow Fight

Emma gets up off the rumpled bed and walks back and forth, hands on hips.  “I’m not sure we’ll be able to dodge these people if they really want to find us.  We have no idea what resources they have, …

dewy four-leaf clover leaves

If They Could Talk

The guitar’s notes rise and fall, plangent as rain falling in a dark pool. Echoes ripple through the house and its wooden floors just as mysteriously. The dawn sun throws odd shadows through the tule fog. Gray curls of mist …

Friesian stallion on road

Fozzie’s Rent

Drin is fighting off a desperate sense of deja blank.

The social part of his monkey brain is screaming, “Come on, get with it here–I ought to know this person, I ought to know about the business I’ve been …

round porthole on trees in snow

Remembrance of Horrors Past

When he wakes up, in the dark, his body is rocking back and forth at some indeterminate height, on inadequate padding, and something is brushing at his hair. He blinks, twists a little, and relaxes. He is in the upper …

view down narrow marble hallway


Drin scrubs the heel of his hand across his eyes. “Sweetheart, what are you–why are you up this time of the night– Oh.”

Another bad dream, no doubt of that, and some time ago. The kitchen smells of cardamom and …

The Geek Grrl Works Out

Emma hates tying her hair up in a ponytail. It makes her look like a middle-aged bitch trying to play cute and drop twenty years, in her not-so-humble opinion. But it’s the only thing that works when she’s trying to …

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Dance has fallen asleep, head curled up on his arm against the passenger window of the car. His torso is twisted in that funny position again, the way he does when his lower back is hurting him.

He’s been doing …