At one point (I’ve lost track where) I referenced a commercial cream under the brand name “Burt’s Bees.” Nice stuff. At one point their products were all based on bee and honey industry ingredients.
The brand’s logo image is the spitting image of Drin gone bushy, wearing a hat.
Not that I’m saying he had *anything* to do with the company. There’s a lot of bearded guys out there who give off this vibe, it’s why it works so well for the branding, right?
Hey, serendipity, right?

And hey, we have some of it ourselves.
I made use of it in pix I posted on Flickr and for the Vita_Ersatz challenge “Shadow”.
Right here.

I’m not sure how to embed pix, so I’ve given the links here.

More specifically, here:

more general cuteness

Sparin’ on the non-dollie FL…

Name: Callie Moorehouse / General Yu Jeong

Volks FCS MSD F-06
Beauty white skin

Yes, this is the person who sent Hideyoshi packing in 1594.

My camera wasn’t able to pick up the really beautiful details of the faceup, like the delicate glossing around the eyes.

Check the feet.

Sir, I love you, sir… X_X