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A Polite Request

“It’s open.” It takes a minute for the spreadsheets to clear from his mind, but Teo looks up to see who’s at the entrance to the clinic’s living quarters. The barely-cool autumnal breeze ruffles the papers spread out in front

Morning Has Broken

It’s quiet when he opens his eyes in a shaft of bright light.  He frowns, feels that the hollow next to him is barely warm, and that Drin must have tucked up the sheets around him.  He feels a hot …

Pillow Fight

Emma gets up off the rumpled bed and walks back and forth, hands on hips.  “I’m not sure we’ll be able to dodge these people if they really want to find us.  We have no idea what resources they have, …

Bad Moon Rising

“The bees came to find you,” Dance says.

Drin glances at the tree.  “They swarmed?”

“I called your beekeeping friends, as you say to do.”

“Oh, that explains it,” Drin says.

Dance tilts his head up in a precise jerk …

Bad Blues and Flat Tires

Doctor Alexander nods politely when the Chu twins settle on stools on either side of him.  He appreciates the strength in the slender fingers as they touch his shoulder in greeting, the claw prickles gently reminding him they could rip …

The Pogues Can Be a bit sharp at times

The Pogues, singing the Broad Majestic Shannon, with lyrics here.


They have other songs that the Trio would like too.

I could imagine Drin singing “The Gentleman Soldier,” with all the gruff bits, mocking the man at fault, and …


The car murmurs with Drin’s voice.  “Yeah, the Board decided to pay for guest conductors for the two shows after that, because Bud lined up a couple of his candidates for demonstration purposes, and Young will finish up this next …

Hearing Test

The Board meeting is quite different from anything they’d expected.  Something had certainly changed, as the just-elected Chairmen is the new member, Evans, who is known now to be retired from federal tax law enforcement work. Richard Young is not …


Emma is cursing when they get home.  She bangs things around in the kitchen, throws herself into a chair at the table, and points at steaming mugs of tea sitting on the table.

“Thank you,” Dance says, and settles into …


The percussionist with the tats rips loose with profanity in the conductor’s office.  Diane Rosey’s voice scales up louder and louder.  “You just try, Mister, you just try it, and I’ll rip your fuckin’ head off!”

“Oh shit,” Amelia mutters.…