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Giant Isopods and Coconut Crabs

This is an edited chat discussion with research links about giant isopods and coconut crabs as affecting design theory on crab-clawed bugs, or isopods as bug larva


why are they so cute looking!
8:28 PM
me: wow! Might …

Dramatis Locae

The place we’re talking about, Bayou Rainette

Possible locations

Since the setting is practically a chara in its own right… I didn’t check on whether the Chitimacha tribe was in this area, I know that Tina had a spot in …

Header Picture Credits

Many thanks to the great photographers and artists that have consented to have their work to be converted/cropped/mauled into banners for the site!

1 Bird Island – B. Gladney (artbeco)
2 Boy Dragonfly Wings – B. Gladney (…

tan eyes blue-headed mantis shrimp

mantis shrimps and Circular Polarized Light

ETA October 27, 2009: Latest article on the shrimps from Sci Am Online:

…Unlike linearly polarized light, in which the electric field oscillates along a plane, circularly polarized light’s field twists like a spiral spring as the ray propagates. …

Some Music to Calm the Savage Beast

While Dance is freaking out, half out of his head on toxins, Barret puts on music. Familiar, soothing things. Things he knows that Dance will have to follow in his memory, reminding Dance of the bowing and fingering motions so …

sexy viola mofo

[Sorry, this one has lost the link to the original vid.]

Well, holy shit. Check his other videos too.

Note the place the tone of viola tends to strike the body–I get it in my shoulder blades–what about you?

[Instead, …

Background on Dance’s Korean names and nickname

the hangeul written vertically

Both the websites “Ask a Korean”
and and Korean alphabet

give the Korean alphabet’s proper name not as hangul, as in Wikipedia, but spelled as hangeul. The alphabet …

Mozart, Locatelli, Meantone Tunings

Music referenced in the “Be Here Now” sections on decoding to unlock the viola case, as in “Kochel’s Savant”

  • Op. 1 (1721) – 12 concerti grossi (in F, C minor, B flat, E minor, D, C minor, F, F

Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos

Music that’s referenced in “Paron of the Arts”

Some fun stuff here…
From Google search, not directly Wikipedia:

…Even though he didn’t call them the “Brandenburgs,” Bach still thought of them as a set. What he did was compile …