Research Goodies, doll projects, progress on painting resin

Heads back on bodies, some clothes on, still don’t have eyelashes or eyes in yet.
Alas, my kingdom for some white glue. (Tomorrow).
Got every other kinda glue known to man, including some strange things, but not plain old white glue for eyelashes, go figure.
I took some progress pix, but haven’t got them uploaded. I’d like to get their lashes and eyes in and take final shots before I run pix through Picasa and Flickr, get it all done at once.
In character terms, Emma is currently cuddled up in Dance’s lap asking him what he thinks of the new look. He informed her very gravely (yes, it was clear as a bell, thank you, he’s quite loud sometimes) that she looks very beautiful in her new makeup and her lips are very kissable but she’s completely eyeless and a little too spooky to be disrespectfully boy-handling her as much as he’d like to. Unspoken is the idea that she may be even spookier when she’s got her eyelashes and proper eyes in, but we all get to deal with that when we come to it.
In doll terms, she’s now able to stand on her own after hot-glue-sueding. She got wired earlier, which helped but did not solve the flops. Her body blushing is scraped off around the hip joint balls, and will probably need redoing in a much more minimal form, but I hate to lose some of it. (Awesome breasts, I believe I heard them saying…)
In character terms, Drin looks really different, more gray in the beard. And my goodness, the freckles go on for miles. This is peculiar, as I generally don’t like big blob dark freckles. (Sdink and thelyn can get away with making hawt things in ways that you normally don’t find attractive at all, nuff said…) I do like little teeny coppery freckles just fine.
But nope, that’s not what we got.
Dance really wasn’t sure about Drin’s new look for a bit there. (There was a distinct sense of blink-blink-blink going on there…) I don’t think Dance was expecting Drin to go from all that nice smooth pale resin to…erm, rather startling freckles and fur and guy-fuzz and personal details.
Drin seems to be grinning like a dog, too.
You know that tone of voice that GFs and wives use when they discuss some really annoying gender-differenced trait or habit of mind. It’s warring parts of fond disgust. “Oh, he is such a *guy*!”
This is one of those guys. I suspect he’s a horndawg, even if he is a really nice guy.
I suspect a lot of things, actually.
He looks freckly and furry and very like a cheerful graying professor. Possibly the sort who wears walking shorts with lots of pockets and very large boots.
He almost looks like he should be wearing a pointed hat and carrying a crossbow.
This is because I’m having wobbly after-images of Terry Pratchett’s Arch-Chancellor, though I’m trying *very* hard not to.
In doll terms, Drin is a little more tightly strung than he was, still a bit hip-floppy after sueding, haven’t wired him yet. Not sure, with the tiny string-holes in his hips, quite how I’m going to pull that one off.
However, I partially solved another annoyance. This body has a round neck hole that lacks any locking mechanism for the size of ring or s-hook that will fit through the narrower slotted hole inside the torso at the base of the neck. Bwah?? So the little neck ring keeps trying to flee down his neck into the chest cavity and unstring him.
I just made it harder for him to flop to bits by adding one of those elastic loops with a button on it that gets used to hold canopies to frames for popup-type or semi-permanent shade canopies. Yes, it was extra, and yes, it was also *wonderfully* useful to suspending his bod for spraying the blush in simple long goes, twirling at will.

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