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Hmm, well, color me frustrated. Or else a hopeless dweeb for not being able to either remember who I was talking to, or to find the relevant comments.
I know somebody in the dollery talked to me about Dollti-D joint issues who wasn’t the lovely , who has one of her own.
I do love the jointing which allows me to switch out Dance’s hands quickly, but he does like to fling them across the room, and occasionally the metal part will come out of the resin in his grabby fighting hand.
He has very aggressive-looking hands, including a birdfinger. Being Dance, he doesn’t use it as much for flipping people off as for– never mind! TMI!
Anyway, I remember I whined about Dance’s loose hand sockets, and I said I’d post some pix of what they look like.
Duly posted:
Here’s his wrist socket revealed.

and the feet are interesting too:

So the question at hand:
Superglue won’t hold this boy’s joint in his hand.
What will?
edited to add, per kiyokotari’s comment, a shot of the end of Dance’s wrist and arm:

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