How Did This Happen?

It’s really, really odd for me to think of where I was last year at this time. Celebrating my sixth wedding anniversary, I had no idea that my little brindle chi was going to pass away on Halloween.

I remember sobbing to Wolf about wanting a puppy, but one that would never die. Don’t know how we settled on a doll, but I had been lusting after them for a while. So I bought a 60cm girl, Toriana. Then I won a Floating Head at a doll meet, and bought a body for him because just a head is kinda creepy. 🙂 Then I wanted a hot Asian guy for Tori and got Chris, Daniel the Head’s best friend. And then…

Well, Wolf pointed out to me last week that I have nine dolls. I said, “I do not have nine dolls. Well, maybe seven…” and felt sheepish about the seven. Then I counted:

Toriana Brown-Bishop (BB normal skin Ophelia 60cm)
Daniel Sullivan (Minimee normal skin 60cm)
Chris Bishop (BB tan skin Apollo 60cm)
Gordon Bishop (BB normal skin Apollo 60cm)
Belladonna (BB lilac skin Sprite 46cm)
Joan Bishop (BB normal skin Isabella 27cm)
Rosemary Bishop (BB normal skin Erin 15cm)
Delphinium Sullivan (BB blue skin Elfkin 15cm)
Briar Rose Sullivan (BB pink skin Moony 15cm)

Oh, crap, she was right!! I have nine dolls!

Update: And I won a 40% coupon from Bobobie for winning second place in their photo contest. Two more dolls will be arriving by the end of October —

Claudia Cross (BB normal skin Elena 60cm)
Joan Bishop (BB normal skin Tiah 46cm)

Then Joan’s shell will become Rosemary, and little Rosemary will become Lorelei, Daniel’s newest daughter. (Time to go wig and eye shopping for everyone!) There will also be a B&G 45cm boy coming home for Lucas at Christmas time, as a joint present to ourselves. Then no more, I think, for quite a while. Unless I stumble across someone who looks like Hal! 😉 (I think I’m pretty safe there.)


  1. nagasvoice

    Now this is just evol of me.  Have you seen kiyokotari’s lj post (and DOA post) on ordering a tan doll as a group order?  Gahh.  Wrong size for any of mine, unless I was doing really odd perspective shots, but whoa.

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