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The Pogues Can Be a bit sharp at times

The Pogues, singing the Broad Majestic Shannon, with lyrics here.


They have other songs that the Trio would like too.

I could imagine Drin singing “The Gentleman Soldier,” with all the gruff bits, mocking the man at fault, and …

Traditional Korean music

A piece performed on traditional Korean instrument called a gayageum, which is developmentally related to instruments larger than a western dulcimer.
AS the poster noted in a comment, these are like the Japanese koto, the Gucheng (China), and Dan Trank …

Older classical viola music

To clarify here, the viola da gamba is *not* the same as a modern viola.
A collection curated by Mme. Hardy on live journal:

John Dowland, “Now, o now I needs must part”, performed by Dorothy Linell and Steven Rickards:…

RE: Teeth

among the comments for Teeth:

RE: the audio, also very interesting stuff. I was struggling to pick up the wording (my speakers be cr**) until I looked at the lyrics. Interesting indeed.
from this site,

Future Foe Scenarios lyrics…

Giant Isopods and Coconut Crabs

This is an edited chat discussion with research links about giant isopods and coconut crabs as affecting design theory on crab-clawed bugs, or isopods as bug larva


why are they so cute looking!
8:28 PM
me: wow! Might …

tan eyes blue-headed mantis shrimp

mantis shrimps and Circular Polarized Light

ETA October 27, 2009: Latest article on the shrimps from Sci Am Online:

…Unlike linearly polarized light, in which the electric field oscillates along a plane, circularly polarized light’s field twists like a spiral spring as the ray propagates. …