RE: Teeth

among the comments for Teeth: RE: the audio, also very interesting stuff. I was struggling to pick up the wording (my speakers be cr**) until I looked at the lyrics. Interesting indeed. from this site, Future Foe Scenarios lyrics Artist: SILVERSUN PICKUPS Album: Carnavas (2006) Buy Carnavas (2006) CD …

Giant Isopods and Coconut Crabs

This is an edited chat discussion with research links about giant isopods and coconut crabs as affecting design theory on crab-clawed bugs, or isopods as bug larva Stella: why are they so cute looking! 8:28 PM me: wow! Might be the rounded head outline 8:29 PM They’re not spikey …

mantis shrimps and Circular Polarized Light

Coiled ribbon sensors might be antennas capable of picking up CPL.

Mantis shrimps have th ability to pick up on circular polarized light (CPL), which no other animal on earth does.

They’ve evolved on their own since the Cretaceous, and they’re pretty damn strange in their own right.  They also used to be the recordkeeper on fastest-moving animal reactions.  Also interesting!