Dance sits quietly in the passenger seat while Drin negotiates the garage and the gate and some busy streets. He’s listening to the music Drin put on, eyes half shut, soaking it all in without moving at all. He apparently has a good imagination too, because the erection in his loose pants has not let up in the slightest, and he’s not touching it. Perhaps he’s afraid he’ll go off in his boxers if he handles it.

When Drin pulls over into a quiet stretch of residential streets and turns the engine off, Dance is blinking up at the windows. “They can go totally dark?”

“Indeed they do, with the right setting. Better living through science, man. Layer of electrically-responsive coating. Well, not totally opaque. Just gray enough to stay legal.”

Dance’s eyes look all black too. He says,”What did our Drin plan now?”

Drin smiles. “Whatever will make you feel really good.”

Dance is on him so fast he’s still smiling as the man’s mouth invades his. Dance gives an eager moan and drags Drin’s hand into the magically loose boxers and sweatpants. There isn’t even a chance to ask him anything before he’s gone off in Drin’s hand, with that gasp going down into Drin’s lungs: “Oh.”

The sound of his orgasms is becoming pleasantly familiar to Drin. He lays Dance’s slumping body back into the car seat, kisses him soundly, and smiles.

“Good, now you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch.” Drin starts to pick up the ignition keys. “Tissues in the glove box–”

“Oh no,” Dance says, putting his hand on Drin’s wrist. “Not so easy. We get to make Drin come too!”

“It won’t take that much–” Drin says, and then he gasps. The zipper on his jeans doesn’t catch on anything at all, because Dance is careful and slow and watchful, grinning as Drin’s cock practically leaps into his rough fingers. The hot raspy skin of Dance’s fingers feels like nothing at all that he’d ever imagined. “My God man–” and he’s gasping out his orgasm loudly, falling sidewise into Dance’s shoulder. “My God!”

“Better?” Dance asks softly, and kisses his ear.

“Oh God yes,” Drin gasps.

“Tissues?” Dance says solemnly, and he can feel the laughter shaking Dance’s chest.

“Guess we better–” Drin agrees, laughing too at how absurd things are. “Come right down to it, sex is so– well, sometimes I just feel so ridiculous.”

Dance makes a growly happy noise somewhere in his diaphragm. “Sex is about not caring if we are looking very stupid?”

“Mmm,” Drin says, kissing the man’s neck and shoulder just because he can. By all rights, it ought to make Dance ticklish; but he stretches into it with a crackling joint noise. Muscular cables go sliding looser under Drin’s touch. “Do you want to get silly with me?”

“Very,” Dance purrs, eyes half-shut. “We are not telling everything to Robert.”

“Oh God,” Drin laughs harder. “I mean, ten seconds, and you’ve got me–”

“we–I– keep dreaming, this hardness for Drin goes lasting hours and hours, but no. Sorry. You are too sexy, my Drin. This touching me, too much hot, we– I– I go off like this kid, I get so excited.”

“The better to make out with you again as soon as I can, right?”

Dance agrees, nuzzling into the hair behind Drin’s ear with a kiss. “Oh, we hope so!”

Drin slides an arm around the powerful shoulders, down the musician’s back, and gets a hand down onto the upper slope of those buttocks. He pets the incredibly hot skin. “Now for the serious business. Are they gonna quiz you to death?”

“Oh yes. We are sorry, Miss Amalia asks this morning how it went this weekend. Oh, so we are just starting to laugh. She smacked the bow on us! No matter what outrageous things she said, me– I couldn’t help it, just grining like the fool. Already we are feeling guilty in advance. We fear maybe we are… indiscreet. There may be bragging about…” he grins, and butt muscles wiggle under Drin’s hand, “…sexy car seats.”

“Good, then the sooper sekrit car conquest plan has worked perfectly,” Drin says, grinning back at him. “You tell ’em whatever you’re comfortable saying, let me know so I don’t get too indiscreet. Engerman has been hounding me for days whether I was ever gonna break down and ask you for a date. Said I was getting careless. Warned me that you’d catch me starin’ at your butt like some disgusting old letch.”

Dance laughs. “Or catch us–me–staring at our Drin’s butt first.”

“You are too quick! Gimme a chance to catch you doing that? I’ll love it.”

“Oh, bad me, so people see it and carry tales to your work and your family?” Dance looks at him solemnly, stroking the back of his hand along the flow of Drin’s beard as if it feels good.

Drin shrugs. “No problem. I’ve got nobody else who needs to worry about it.”

Dance gives him a tighter hug. “Even in all Drin’s large family?”

“They can spout off all they like, it can’t hit me in the wallet. I’m careful on that. All they can do is hurt my feelings,” Drin says.

He gets another kiss on the ear for that. In some ways, Dance is very predictable.

“Some of my family will be very happy for me, being so lucky for meeting you,” Drin assures him.

Dance sighs. “Wanting you so bad all morning, we should wear a belt to stop it getting hard– how do we say–”

“A chastity belt?” Drin laughs. “That sounds even sexier than having you naked on the back seat right there.”

“I want you to fuck my naked ass on your back seat,” Dance says, choosing each word slowly. “A lot. With the asbestos dick.”

Drin draws in a choked breath, laughing. Dance apparently can’t help saying things that turn him on. That turn both of them on. “Do you want to fuck me in my car too?”

The answer to that one is wordless, and totally obvious.

Drin kisses him on the ear, on the neck, pushes up the loose sweatshirt, kisses the man’s nipples until Dance is gasping. He draws back, teasing with a fingertip, and murmurs, “You want to take me? You like that too? You could take me when I’m all naked back there. Or you could fuck me when I’m wearing my leather jockstrap. After I wore it all day, so you can smell where I’ve been jacking off when it just gets too much for me.”

Dance groans, chest arching up, and Drin devotes some more time to nibbling his way along the man’s body.

“Fuck me against the shower wall at the gym,” Drin murmurs into the man’s ear, ruthlessly, and gets a needy sound. “Lay me down on the sofa at your place when we have hours and hours to go slow–or I bend you over on the couch arm at my place. You could fuck me all over, yell out as loud as you like, at my place. Have I told you how much I want to suck you off and then fuck your naked ass on my leather couch? I think it’s extra nice when a guy likes pitching and catching both, more fun for everybody.”

“And then on the floor, sucking each other, trying things Drin knows–find out what we both like best–” Dance sighs out.

“As long as you need,” Drin promises. “I could take you home and kiss you all over like this– and then I’m rubbing your cock and putting lube on your ass when you’re lying back on that nice sturdy kitchen table I’ve got–get your knees up onto my shoulders–”

Dance sighs, hips thrusting. “See? Wanting big slow screwing all day, so poor Drin, you are never getting lunch this way.”

“I’d rather eat you up,” Drin growls into his beautiful musician’s chest, and gets more soft needy sounds. “Oh well, maybe another day,” Drin says, grinning, and slides his hand into the boxers again.

His other hand gets the catch of the glove box open, which for once actually holds gloves. Latex ones. And lube. Then he pulls down Dance’s sweatpants down the beautiful legs, with every assistance from Dance, and he manages to get some gloved fingers inside him this time before the man’s cock spasms in his grip.

There is nothing more amazing than looking at Dance’s belly muscles rising and falling hard with his breathing, knees sprawled out awkwardly with his ankles trapped in his clothes. Drin is holding his palm cupped under the man’s balls as they loosen and finally come down in the sac, totally relaxed, while Drin’s fingers are still penetrating him quite deeply. Dance makes the obvious offer, too. “Is our Drin wanting to take us now when–”

Drin smiles. “Shh, not now, I’m fine, just relax,” and he leans in and nuzzles Dance’s neck and face and hair, ready to draw back if he’s making the other man’s skin get twitchy.

But it just seems to make him relax further. Dance turns his head into Drin’s chest, and sighs, and the last trace of tension eases in his neck muscles.

“That’s good,” Drin murmurs. “I’m drawing back my hand. Very easy, very relaxed.”

Dance smiles a little. “Feels good, not hurting one bit.”

“Well, I worried maybe I was too rough on you yesterday, maybe I was in too much hurry. I want to give you time to recover from that, maybe three days.”

“It’s a date,” Dance says, smiling wider, and his eyes have gone wide and dark again. Amazing. “So does Drin– do you– want me to learn how to– to fuck you the way you like best?”

Drin chuckles. “And second-best, and third best, and so on. I’m looking forward to that.”

“Us, oh wow, we will not last,” Dance says.

“Well, neither do I, obviously,” Drin chuckles. “Anyway, are you hungry, now we’ve got your little man calmed down for awhile? Are you feeling like some lunch now?”

“You guessed we would be wanting our Drin to grab our little man very tight–”

Drin smiles. “Hell, I did too! That’s why I picked out this spot. I figured it’d be a shame to take you to a good lunch so distracted you can’t even think about the food.”

“Planning,” Dance says solemnly.

“Right,” Drin agrees.

“But we are not being properly dressed for fancy lunch–”

Drin grins at him. “I’ll say. Looks terrific to me. Just drizzle some barbecue sauce along your tum, and start licking.”

“Mmm,” Dance says, and amazingly, his cock stirs.

Drin pulls his hand free of the man’s ass and pulls off the latex glove, yanks it inside out, puts it neatly in the trash bag behind the passenger seat. “There’s a water bottle in the glove box, have some of that right away,” he suggests, shifting around and zipping himself back into his clothes. “When you guys get going at rehearsals, I know you don’t drink enough water.”

Dance watches him, and sighs when the shirt is pulled back down over Drin’s ribs. “Liking so much seeing you naked. Looking at freckles, so amazing.”

Drin laughs, and caresses the long muscles in Dance’s thigh. “I’m going to lighten the window tint when the ignition comes on. You can stay like that and I’ll certainly enjoy the view–”

There’s a flurry of movement, and then Dance is sitting in his seat belt looking ridiculously wrapped up, sweaty, exactly like he’s been working out. He is drinking the water, too.

Drin turns on the ignition, the windows lighten electronically, and he looks over at his beautiful rumpled musician.

Chen Kun messy hair

Dance gives a wicked smile and pulls down the front of his pants and boxers. His cock springs alert against his belly. “Silly little man,” he says to it, and then looks slantwise at Drin with those dark eyes glinting in amusement.

Drin draws in a sharp breath. “God, you’re amazing.”

Dance looks down at himself ruefully. “Or very silly and very young. We never– really, I’m not like this–we mean, we never used to be–”

“Oh, it’s very nice. I doubt I’ll ever get tired of seeing that,” Drin grins at him. “You think it’ll come again this time, if I give it a hand?”

“If it’s your hand, Drin–give me the hand, oh yes,” Dance says. His hand flails out, grasps Drin’s shirt. “Oh. Oh yes.”

The car rumbles under them for a neglected moment as Drin leans over and kisses him thoroughly. For once it’s not about urgency in his own body, especially not with the steering wheel digging into his gut. It’s about exploring Dance’s body properly. It is reflecting Dance’s passion back at him, exploring what makes him rock and cry out, feeling Dance’s body arch up into his weight. “Oh.”

“Good,” Drin breathes at last, kissing the other man’s mouth as the hot body melts down into Drin’s embrace, muscles loosening.

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