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woman's neck in blue by sunlit curtains

The Beginning of the End

Music is bliss. The sheer curtains are billowing like Odette’s skirt as The Dance of the Swans plays on the stereo. The spring flowers in the side garden are dancing along in the breeze. Claudia wonders what would happen if …

A Mechanical Emergency

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Lucas is crumpled in the shade of a large live oak tree. It’s almost impossible to see him huddled against the tree’s trunk, but easy enough to hear him sobbing. His face is streaked with mud where he’s swiped at …

Letting the Other Shoe Drop

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“I see it percolatin’ in yer eyes, every time you look at me,” Hal says lightly, “so maybe ya better just come out with it.” He leans one hip against Pen’s kitchen counter.

Claudia nearly drops the pitcher that she’s …

colorful Mason jars on shelves

Therapeutic Effects

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Claudia doesn’t know how long she’s slept or what time it is. She yawns, stretches cramped limbs. Her right leg gives a massive twang and begins to spasm, sending her sliding off Hal’s lap onto the floor. She catches herself …

Et Voila!

“…et Voila!”

The bouquet of bright paper blossoms just appears in his hand, as if by magic. He presents them to her with a flourish.

“You are the most unusual fairytale King I’ve ever met,” Claudia laughs, taking the flowers …

woodcut illo of bee


Mom’s waiting for me, Lucas thinks, better hurry!

He thunders down the back stairs and into the wild back yard, clutching a tattered and faded green book. She is waiting for him, and he throws himself into her lap, …

Even more…

Just put up what I hope is not a jumbled mess. This is what I get when I can’t sleep. I tried to get it to read almost as a to-do list. Everyone is too busy for dialog. And I …


Claudia kneels next to her distraught child. “Well, why don’t you set the table? Dinner should be ready in a little bit.” The silverware door sticks a little as she pulls it open and grabs five sets of utensils. Why

Listen To My Rhythm

“Oye como va, mi ritmo…” Claudia sings softly, her contralto counterpoint to a sudden glissando of harp from a distant room. The ancient mp3 player is propped against the kitchen window, a set of tiny, tinny speakers perched atop the …