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They’re laughing as they walk to the parking lot.  There isn’t enough parking along Main Street, where most of the shops are; this overflow lot handles quite a bit of traffic on the weekends, but today it’s nearly empty.  Lucas

View From the Eye

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The stadium effect, Steve recalls the weatherman sayin’.  The eye-wall of the storm curved ’round them like a bowl, like a stadium.  Yup, ‘zactly like a stadium.  Not that she’d ever been inside one — pro sports were purty damn

Wood and glass doors on study

Dinner with Derleth

The house is in the nicest part of town, the historic part, set well back away from the street under old-growth trees. The doorbell is discreet, musical. In a few moments, the impressive oaken door opens, and Daniel is looking …

tree frog silhouetted through green leaf

The Frog Prince

He’s leaning against the kitchen door frame, turning loops of string in his big hands, looks like. He is pretty. He’s wearing his dark hair long, loosely braided down his back, and he looks calm and easy, like he rides …

drawings, horse hoof anatomy

Is There a Doctor In the House?

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Caleb has never been able to drive to his destination, not even with a four wheel drive. They’ve shown him where to hide his car, where to step to avoid nasty fucking surprises while he’s hiking the last bit, how …

two shallow boats on porch of small house

Hurricane Warning

Their meal is hurried. They hunch over their plates, shoveling food in like its fuel for the fight and listening to the wind whistle through the trees outside. Claudia prays that none of the older trees come crashing down on …

gold-edged silhouette woman's lips

Ambushes and Apologies

Drake Gerritson gives Grace a sly look when she asks him to keep an eye on the three kids, but she sure can’t just leave them. God only knows what they’d get up to. Drake winks at her after he …

red grass in wind, dark clouds

When Worlds Collide

Kool-aid and coffee. That’s all Claudia has to offer, but things are getting tense and weird, and it’s easiest, really, to fall back into old patterns. Comforting as the familiar skirt that Master liked her to wear, although she prefers …

She’s Leaving Home

The three of them sit around the television like a little family. Lucas giggles as a tiny meerkat attacks his sibling, missing completely and tumbling down an incline in a puff of Kalahari dust. He sighs with contentment. “The best …

Another Burial

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Emotional things are always easier for Dogboy. Dogs don’t obsess about the past or worry about the future, and sometimes life is just impossible any other way.

Evonne is finally sleeping, curled in a corner of her marriage bed. Her …