Some New Doggerel for Bennie

Remember Bennie?
I do.
Poor guy, sitting there drinking cappucinos all the damn day, chatting up barristas with boobies, and getting paid for it. It’s sad. He says silly shit about shooting people, and they laugh. It’s all true, but they laugh, and he lets them. It’s just sad.
I’d shoot them, myself, but that’s me.
Have some music.
Let me sing you a song
About old Uncle Arved from Arvin
(it’s rural, you know, so it’s honest)

older man's face, b/w, photo by Benoit Courti
photo by Benoit Courti

To the grinning apples of his eyes
he gave the keys of his kingdom
every code known to man, money and all
Now he sits naked in his tub
with his beard to his knees
screaming about bugs on the ceiling–
the bugs who tend him–
the bugs who feed him–
the bugs who keep him so assiduously safe–
Oh, they never let him out
They never let him talk much on the phone
They never do
They never will
Oh no
Uncle Arved from Arvin might tell.
He might.
You never know.
He’s quite mad.

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10 thoughts on “Some New Doggerel for Bennie”

  1. Jesus Christ on a kitty cat.

    That’s what happened to him? He is THE devil of Strangeways; the thought of him in bathtub, in bug-thrall, is…it’s just…


    I’ll fetch out the other doggerel. It’s in a recent entry, one of yours or one of mine, I’ll find it.

    You should write me some Salley, for fun XD

  2. Mornings are getting quite strange, let me tell you.
    That bit the General said to Emma about getting up early?
    That was my 5 am wakeup today.
    More sleeeep!

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