Update, edited research

edited to add:

–Added another old lj copied page with embedded YouTube links to Research/Music, however, I have not figured out how to use code or nw text editor (thank you!) for embedding it. So code for it hanging out raw on Research/Music page, “Mostly Fogarty”.

–Added a bit of doggerel for Bennie that may have got lost in the shuffle from lj. –Added YouTube links to earlier Research/Music postings. –Added Research post on Dance’s Korean names; did not do a good job of yanking over from googledocs the pix that belong with it–didn’t stop to figure out the html to embed the pix from Wiki, and couldn’t figure out how to grab the last picture, or find where the original comment on my lj is. Side-note, must crash soon. Have been seriosuly neglecting lj–hope your nose feels better soon, kiyo!!


  1. greenjudy

    Dude… Drin is from the future?  What about Emma?  What about Uncle Woj?  

    This is what happens to me when I catch a cold, do some down-time…I end up in some sort of massive temporal undertow with wisecracking FBI agents from the future and Drin releasing mutated bees into the wild.  

    I think it’s time for me to read the whole damn thing from the beginning.  

    (Wanna bet those bees save the world, eventually?  Hey: maybe that’s where all OUR disappearing bees are going: the future, pollinating the planet, saving the world.)


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