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As noted here:
Vita Ersatz – Dollerie Uncut
Announces the first quarterly day-long livejournal doll posting event!
Sunday, July 6, 2008!
Throughout the day, post your doll pictures uncut!
Please keep the individual posts to seven images only and do not piggyback your posts –
the effect being that our friends lists will be populated with a wild and wonderful variety of uncut doll imagery!
In order to further spread and share the Dollerie, we are suggesting
that images remain unlocked and that you link back to the person who
posted their pictures before you, as not everyone has the same friend
list. Anyone can post at any time. and will
start the show Sunday morning.
Let’s make this happen!
Please feel free to copy and paste this into your own journals! Pimp it!!!
Other folks’ entries with doll pix you might also enjoy, in a size range from the very tell to the very small… Included at the risk of either leaving people out or including way beyond my own flist here…
That last one, BTW, is the little resin guy I met first, and who first introduced me to the dollery. He’s such a charmer!
My flist is really joining in to donate to the cause of fighting Proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage. Goodness knows there’s plenty of causes out there which deserve support, and I mention something practically every week. More information here, as I noted in a prior lj entry.
I’m so impressed with the community–there’s a ton of folks I haven’t encountered before. I know my flist is full of slashers who put their bucks where their love is. But now I understand that fandom is so awesome they have raised something on the order of $18,000 dollars in that cause already, and there will be more to come.
What, you may ask, does the topic of gay politics have to do with either the dollery or sf & f fandom?

Yeah, I’m biased in favor of support for stable, loving relationships for those folks who do better that way. I also recognize it isn’t the answer for everybody. Star Trek said it really well and early: IDIC.
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.
Dance does his best to contribute. He started off as a resin embodiment of one of my fictional characters. The name is short for “Dance of Knives”, the translation of that character’s name in his native language. The surprise is to find that the guy is a lot of other things besides a burning ball of fury. Dance inherits a lot of baggage.
However, as I’d been warned he might, in modern dress Dance has been a different person, a different musician. Other writer/dollery folks have talked about it in their lj entries.
This is a fascinating process where the resin incarnations tend to go off and do their own thing, evolving in new circumstances outside the fiction they were created in, much as people might do in a new life.
I mentioned that resin people change over time. Well, certainly my skills at getting better shots have changed with time! This is what Dance looks like now, with his partner Drin.

I should add that I’ve been working on Drin’s personal art details quite a bit too, so he now looks different from this. I’ll post some more pix when I get him finished up.
I figure that’s a great one for Sunday picspam!

However, I also have some older pix that I’ve been meaning to post for awhile now.
I’ve put that set up on Flickr, here:
Flickr slideshow here:
This was trying out a braided wig suited to his historical character, but not so much for the resin one!

Here he’s playing a mandolin, wearing the short wig instead. The striped sweater was knitted by , who is awesome on Dollti Ds like her king Sejong, and my guy Dance. Also on all kinds of other dolls too.

Here’s the violin, and another sweater from sedens.

Dance’s bedroom is, shall we say, a bit on the odd side. (The surprise.) Dance’s beanbag chair is a stuffed pillow imprinted with information on the planet Mars. It also keeps the cats off his bed better than anything else we’ve tried so far!

I was debating about posting WIP shots for Sunday picspam too, but dolls without eyes or wigs or headcaps tend to bug lay people!
Let’s put on the Ritz…

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