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I’m really spamming my doll flist this weekend.
Finish the faceups, go camera nuts!
I really honestly was just trying to catch one good shot of my resin folks in their new look.
Just one.
You know, a nice holiday weekend family shot for the public Vitae Ersatz event.
Try to behave, resin folls. Everybody sit up nice and say eff you cheeeeeze!
Flicker set here:
slide show here:
As I noted over on Flickr, I was just trying to set up a nice single picture for the Vitae Ersatz doll event on lj today. There they were, sitting nicely together in the big chair (for once), but n00oooo. The minute I get out the camera, they start clowning around.

I’m afraid Drin started it by belting out, “We’re ooooff to see the Wizard…”

and then they were doing things from 1776, “Sit down, John, sit down, for God’s sake John sit down….

Then Drin surprised everybody by doing quite a nice floor-rumbling rendition of the song, Rum, Molasses, and Slaves, and then it was just a free-for-all.

I had no idea Emma could hit that annoying note on ‘Memories’ from Cats, in quite that molar-drilling manner.
This is me, the big person, making ear-squeaky noises
Yes, my dolls crack jokes by yanking scraps of lyrics from different songs and riffing from one song to another.
Yes, I’m afraid my dolls know more Broadway tunes than I do.
Or opera, either.
I don’t even like most opera.
Dance insists that’s just because I have just too good a taste to enjoy what’s in my collection. Namely, lousy discount CD sources from companies recorded in obscure Eastern Bloc countries, so I can hear the goofs and the flats nearly as well as he can.
And yes, for this post, I tracked down how to do strikeout, underscore, and italic text on lj, which I’d mercifully forgot how to do.
Having Drin singing Mozart’s Faust might level the house and cause earthquakes, honestly.
Can’t live with ’em, can’t hide the bodies.
I think my head may asplode.

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