Hi teslamomma,
Got yours of the 29th.
Let me know.
I owe ya, thanks!

Well, it’s clear from the focal convergence the sloppy photog was taking it from that two-story across the street, can see how grainy it is. D, D & E don’t know who it is, but I sure do. The wife of the second violinist took a lot of stray shots while she waited around for our lot to get busy ironing the sheets.

nude woman at window among blinds, b/w photo
looking out

Lot of work for shots that involve nothing more exciting than Drin reading the newspaper and Emma vegging in front of the TV, and Dance cuddling with them until bedtime.
Puzzling why the snooper saved any of these sequences.
Strange stuff. Turns out this is probably where Dance fell asleep briefly one night, but then Emma had a back spasm bad enough to make her squeak, woke him up.
I don’t know this is terribly useful as footage, but it shows Dance doesn’t wake up swinging or anything, so long as he trusts who’s in the house.
You don’t need a snooper with a telephoto to figure out it’s all hostage-bait.
Just how it is. I know, soppy, but there you are.

Server coughed up more pix from the jealous wife. Hope you’re onto tracing who’s paying. Trying to scandalize the Metro Board? Jealous of Dance, for making her hubbie look second rate?
If that’s all there is to it, of course it’s totally pathetic.
Also, useless trying to hide the way this makes me feel about it from Drin when I’m talking emails to him.
Oh, somewhere in there he knows the tip of the wave may break any day, might be time to shift in a hurry. He’s been hitting the Fogarty road-trip tunes a little hard, lately.

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