Dolls; pre-faceup pix

These were posted out of order from when the pix were taken. The set is mostly Emma and Drin taken just before their new faceups. Many are NSFW pix of pale pink people having the kind of intimate fun that looks pretty silly when you’re not in the party yourself. For the sake of dignity, I’ve f/locked them on Flickr to those folks on my Flickr friends list. If you only see a couple of pix of two naked pink dolls, you’re not on that list. Ask if you have a Flickr ID & want to be added and you’re over 18 years old. Also, if you don’t want to see stuff like that, ask and I’ll drop you from the list! I’m not aware of a way to build filters as I can on lj, so if someone does have a method, by all means let me know!
Flicker set here:
slideshow here:
As Drin notes, kissing Emma doesn’t stop her talking once she gets her breath back.

They also worry about how Dance will do by himself, while they’re gone, taken apart. They think it might not be good for him. Well, he had plenty of things to say to me about hurrying up and still doing them right!

This is how Dance reacts when he sees Emma’s new face, although I didn’t get her eyelashes and eyes in yet.

He really likes her new lipstick. However, he said he’d wait until she had her eyelashes and eyes back in before he’d consent to cooperate on any pictures. He thinks it would lack dignity to show her incomplete.

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