Doggerel for Bennie, Three Blind Mice

An interesting anonymous message pops up on Bennie’s LRT, probably where it shouldn’t be possible.
It appears to be a scanned document.
The document has been crumpled repeatedly and unfolded.
The paper was printed with an older style of music staff.
The composition is written by hand with scoring drafts that are corrected in another color. Corrections include harmony lines and changes of tempo.
The skilled eye will discern that it is a probably intended for piano.
The handwriting is unfamiliar.
Lyrics below.

Doggerel for the Three Blind Mice

Don Ridcully Innocencio Navarre
is a little confused so far
He refuses to admit his fame
as King of Animals by name
and elected to forget the righteous cost of his quest
three cheers for a virtuous foe!

Escaped from her role, no War Librarian now
it’s so funny and sad
she doesn’t know she’s doing the bad
with Leo, King of the Beasts
she’d be enraged at herself
for schtupping a man who she vowed to take down
three cheers for a virtuous foe!

And here’s the mercy of loss
the Prince of Peace, no you can’t kill him
forget what the monster was intended to be
he’s a homegrown wonder
a virtuously prodigiously self-made man
sad that his music can still give you such a final solution
three cheers for a virtuous foe!

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