Atsidi, LLC is the name of Eric Tseng’s year-old research and security consulting company.
Eric has seven employees. We have met two so far.
Well, two and a half, if you count Simon.
This directory will contain stuff about Atsidi itself, as well as the research and investigations Atsidi has been performing.
Note that Edward has his own directory. That’s because he is insane.

If They Could Talk

The guitar’s notes rise and fall, plangent as rain falling in a dark pool. Echoes ripple through the house and its wooden floors just as mysteriously. The dawn sun throws odd shadows through the tule fog. Gray curls of mist twirl visibly against the window panes, curling into plumes like …

Croix de Guerre

“You bark those orders good, Lieutenant,” says the little voice, sounding amused. Drin feels a bodiless force push him backwards about three feet. Behind him, someone sucks in a breath. “Don’t,” he says softly. “Don’t.” The little girl smiles. She is missing teeth. Her eyes, chestnut brown, pan past him. …

We Test-Drive the Diamond Car (Guidelines)

greenjudy writes:

I’ve taken a preliminary look at Wordpress and I still don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. Naturally, I decided that meant it was time to write a page and see what happens.

I’m not sure this is the right format for guidelines or even why I’m so obsessed with creating them (control issues, anyone?). Instead of actually doing guidelines, I’m going to lay this down as a placeholder and append a rant or something.

About the “Principles” Project

Nagasvoice says; This is rather like digging up rock layers, or doing archeology. It’s quite surprising to see where we’ve come from. I am a writer, I had two fantasy books published by Ace back in the 80’s, a series called, "The Song of Naga Teot", and ever since I wanted to finish out the series with the characters. It looks like a post-collapse world, but not totally Apocalyptic, and leftover bits and things turn up all the time, sometimes pretty and sometimes dangerous and mostly just puzzling to people who still need to make a living. I mean, in spite of the bad guys, who have their own problems.

with a nod to Kiyakotari

“Can’t,” Auren Han said. “Auren.” Can’t get it in words. “Auren.” Han, on his back, clothes almost shed, light dappling him, closed his eyes, not sure why this guy just didn’t get it, didn’t get that that was enough, more than enough, more like too much. “Auren.” Something brushed against …