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Baroque Trio

Dance Unpinned

“But did you have that little zero-g closet right away?” Emma asks.

Dance blinks at her, spreads his hands. “I don’t know. I only know when it starts squirming and wanting to stay out loose all the time.”

She frowns …

bw photo bent back spinal knobs


“Come join us, Em,” Drin calls out, and Emma walks through the hotel suite towards the bath. There’s a wild gust of night-time wind sweeping through; Dance had opened every window in this corner room, heedless of the air-conditioning.

The …

Reply from Atsidi

message relayed to Susan:

They’re pried out of the burrow. You can pick them up any time.
Don’t you love it? So Biblical, Adam and Eve messing with the Serpent.


Susan: Hush, this is no bible story. Baby cut

Unwanted Company

He’s fine at home. Comfortable, warm, easy as falling into a hammock. He doesn’t need other people besides his lovers. Both his lovers. So, a large hammock.

He does not need this.

Drin stares at the co-worker who’s planted himself, …

rain splashes on blue water

After Hours

Rain is coming.  The humidity sends the odor of sage gusting into the crowded club, drafting off the ravines above the big parking lot. Chaparral oils mix with skunk and tar.  Perfumes and smokes cling on the sweaty clothes of …

The Mayor Takes a Walk

It’s impossible to just go for a nice lunchtime walk with Drin to a restaurant. He’s too tall, he just looks too authoritative. On his way out the door, people who know him at the Metro run up and chatter …

Flight Dreams

“You might not want to do that,” Emma says.

Drin looks at her, and then at the skateboard in his fist. “What? This? What’s wrong with giving Dance a decent board?”

She gives a long, slow smile, and turns back …

Sooper Sekrit Car (not) Conquest Plan

“Excuse me, but I insist on lunch,” Drin says.

Dance blinks up from the ragged tape-covered mess on the music rack in front of him, and looks around at Amalia, who’s lost her frown and is grinning like a Halloween …

Selling Romance

Emma makes a disgusted noise. “Well, so much for Bud’s expensive photographer! Look at what our webmistress did with it!”

Drin stares at her aged computer screen, turns his head sidwise like an owl, and makes her laugh. “I saw …

Nocturne appassionato

Dance is unbuttoning Drin’s jacket, then his own. Much as Drin likes watching those deft hands at work, he stills Dance’s fingers and sets his own to the buttons of Dance’s shirt, learning that it’s silk. It’s cheap silk, but …