not one, not two…

but three new episodes just went up.

These are more interleaving, taking place right after “Beguine” — a half-hour after, approximately. These are Naga’s and my first attempts at co-writing, stemming from a test of googledocs– it got right away from us.

On The Knowing Of Cats

Running Water

Auditions and other insecurities

(Because “Beguine” was set at zero, I decided to make it a parent page for the entire beginnings segment.)

Homage to Robert Plant

The Principle of Moments happens to be the name of a rather lovely solo album by Robert Plant. Here’s a section where Plantalia can happily live.
His more recent work delves into mythological zones with strong roots in the American South, suggesting additional areas of resonance with POM. He is always worth listening to.

renumbering pages

I moved around numaari’s pages and ended up renumbering to give it space enough.

There’s some space before “No Good Deed..”, but the action sequences around meeting the General is numbered tightly and may need redoing.

I added some more beginning sequence, and renumbered to rearrange where” Black Ops Naga,” “Associations”, and “Car Talk” needed to go. There’s some page number space in there, but not much.

The number-tracking par tof me brain be tired now…

Organisational problems, browser compatibility, etc

Browser issues first; Kiya, any difference for you? What are you using, if not?
Some thing I’ve noticed, is that we use the posts as a forum– these are conversations. That’s all very well, but it’s difficult to keep track of which convo you’ve gotten back to, and where you asked the question that hasn’t yet been answered– or has it? Me, I’m confused and a little frustrated this morning!
That’s the difference between a blog and a forum, see. Forums are designed to facilitate discussions… They let users know what’s going on. And I’d feel like I could leave for a bit, and yanno… write…
And there are several ways to add forum capabilities into POM, if y’all are willing to let me experiment. As far as I can tell, I could convert all comments to forum threads– each thread connected to its parent post. What I’ll do, is try it on the experimental version of this site, with a copy of this database. If I make it work, everyone can take a gander and decide yes or no…
Organising The Work
There are several other ways to organise pages and archives, and there has got to be something that will gives us better control and flexibility! If I change that it will most likely mean re-doing the order all over again. But it will make interleaving much easier.
Tags And Categories
They are great things! We can tag and categorise posts and pages alike. Check out the “display click tags” link under the posting field, if you haven’t already. Anyone of us can add new tags, and add new categories, and anything can be posted under more than one category.
And have we got greenjudie’s lj posts in yet? I could do them right now…

reordering pages

I was gong to stat working on a new interleaf section, and finally realized that there are some early story pages out of order.

I think “Black Ops Naga” needs rewriting (I haven’t had my head in teh right space to do it, and anybody who’s interested is welcome to tackle it, by all means) and it actually belongs after “Attention: ET”.

Also, I think “Associations” needs to slide up earlier, right after the new early interleaf page “Begin the Beguine”.

Before I try it, are there any number issues or questions about changing it?

more pages up

I had to try for it a couple of times on that bjd_30minfic prompt “Shadows”.

As a result, brought over the bigger result, an interleaf chunk from lj (sans comments, sadly, they’d be fun to have too), “Ask me No Questions..”

and a very early story chunk, “Begin the Beguine..”

Also posted some research music goodies on Pietro Locatelli, “The Maestro’s Music..”

Okay, I think we can call that “mischief managed” for the night, right?

badagris updated

Some questions to pose to Nagasvoice. We’ve already talked a little about Drin’s service record. I think Drin was not strictly military, had officer rank kind of the way doctors were officer-track guys in Vietnam. But he answered to someone who was strictly military, someone who is long dead. Let me know what you think of this and if it needs tooling.


I’m looking forward to collaborating with you guys! I’m stunned by the excellence of the work so far, and thoroughly enamored with (or repelled by) many of the characters. In the interest of catching up a bit, I have a few questions I’d like to pose.
Greenjudy, would the nature of Estelle’s illness/infestation become clearer at close range now that she’s, well, plucked? I’ve been idly googling bird parasites and whatnot today. Icky – her feather-pulling behavior makes me suspect arthropods in particular.
I’ve gone over the help file for page numbering, and it is still hopelessly arcane to me. Presumably, you find out the page number of whatever you want to precede your page and assign your page the following number. But what happens to the page that WAS following the preceding page? If you stick page 99 in after page 98, does the page that was 99 somehow get renumbered to 100? And how do you discover an existing page number anyway?
Is there a better place to post random questions and musings than here? Just want to make sure I’m rambling in the right spot.
BTW, I’ve friended everyone at my personal LJ. Just in case you want to see what (boring) things go on inside my head. I’m planning to update much more frequently, since I’m in the LJ habit now.
Goodnight, all!

Today’s doings…

  • We have a new member, Numaari, AKA Harmonyhall 🙂
  • I have put WordPress’s very strong anti-spam filter in place, and the comm is now open to public comments.
  • As you can see, I solved the mystery of the missing indent. Now if only the missing email were so easily solved! I’ve tried a couple of the suggestions but nothing yet.
  • I’ve played around with the colors of the site a bit. What do we think? Too many different colors in the text? My aim was for a slightly swampy feeling 😀 but it certainly doesn’t have to be, so talk to me Babies!
  • GreenJudy says she’ll ask Kiya to port her lj entries here– so I’ll go on puttering around in the backend and stuff…

Oh, and I asked the kink-bingo mods if they would allow originalfic entries in this next heat, and they are not sure . Nagasvoice suggested that I use POM as my fandom, so– I’m asking, in advance and in case, if I might manhandle your characters into graphic and boundary-smashing PWP…
And there goes the neighborhood, right?