Research Goodies, doll projects, progress on painting resin

Heads back on bodies, some clothes on, still don’t have eyelashes or eyes in yet.
Alas, my kingdom for some white glue. (Tomorrow).
Got every other kinda glue known to man, including some strange things, but not plain old white glue for eyelashes, go figure.
I took some progress pix, but haven’t got them uploaded. I’d like to get their lashes and eyes in and take final shots before I run pix through Picasa and Flickr, get it all done at once.

with a nod to Kiyakotari

“Can’t,” Auren Han said. “Auren.” Can’t get it in words. “Auren.” Han, on his back, clothes almost shed, light dappling him, closed his eyes, not sure why this guy just didn’t get it, didn’t get that that was enough, more than enough, more like too much. “Auren.” Something brushed against …

more general cuteness

Sparin’ on the non-dollie FL…

Name: Callie Moorehouse / General Yu Jeong

Volks FCS MSD F-06
Beauty white skin

Yes, this is the person who sent Hideyoshi packing in 1594.

My camera wasn’t able to pick up the really beautiful details of the faceup, like the delicate glossing around the eyes.

Check the feet.

Sir, I love you, sir… X_X