Absolute Pitch

Greenlaw Tewkes Barret gets a burr in his bonnet. Auren Han gets another ulcer.
Dance gets…well, he’s getting something.

It’s great. It’s fabulous, Auren. “I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.”

Hold…hold up.

You said you were going to see it got sent to Dance, through Pen and his circus people.


I don’t want you in this.

You worry too much. No one knows what I look like. I’m just this obscure dude, kind of an overgrown band geek–
Barret…you know. You know you’re too well known in Dance’s circles.
And in mine.
Your name is all over my life, and my fingerprints are all over you.

**chuckles** You were kind of rough last night.

We’re…we’re entwined at the data level. It’s my fault. It’s…it’s why…

It’s why you left me. I know.

I haven’t seen Harriet in three years. I’ll stay with her. She’s not famous. She’s just a person. I’ll send word through Pen. He’s got sense. It’ll be all right. Besides, your forensic geek is chasing Turner, now. He’ll find that bastard. He will.
He always gets his man, sort of like an OCD Mountie.
Auren, I’ll be all right.

The bad guys used to carry their guns in violin cases. Unlike good guys, right? They usually just carry violins.

The original version, with GJ’s pix

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  1. nagasvoice

    Oh man, did I give a yell here!
    Oh, I love it.
    The camera shots and expression, yes! Eric’s hand gesture there, perfect.
    Eric looks so… so vulnerable.
    I need that little expiring-heart Snoopy icon here, I really do.
    And the line, “you were a little rough last night” heheheehe!!!
    little happy stompy weaving of hands!

    Ahem. Yes.
    Emberley looks totally awesome, man.
    Like, totally.
    There will have to be roadhouse music or something, man.

    Circus people.

    Circus people??!?

  2. greenjudy

    Thank you so much! That’s patented Asshat Movie Magic (TM), right there: Compose your pictures carefully, and keep the out-of-scale stuff (bicycle, shoes, front door) out of the shot. W00t XD

    (TRANSLATION: I focus on stuff like that because I don’t have a proper set to shoot my guys in, just the dorky, under-lit, bike-infested corner of my living room. **Ahem!** )

    I don’t think your photography is boring at all! Plus you have all those amazing scale details and can actually get whole areas in your shot without blowing the illusion!

  3. nagasvoice

    Yeah, that line was one that makes me wanna hug their stuffins.
    Also, I get the sense Eric is reasonable to be afraid. I don’t know enough about Emberly as yet, but the intersection of composer/musician/roadhouse/carnie/circus people is an interesting nexus.

  4. nagasvoice

    I really like your shots, the nice clear shots fit with the clarity and contemplatic mood. The rush and hurry here is great for this story as well, so it’s all good, in my opinion!

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