Horned Shamans and therianthropes

grabbing more reearch info taken from the comments here


  1. Altamira: no idea there. That’s what Edward’s aural hallucination told him. As far as I know, no Kiplings there, not like Trois Freres…
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  2. greenjudy
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  3. anonymous
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    Waves hi at kiyo’s horny guy!

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  4. nagasvoice
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    Waves hi at kiyo’s horny guy!

    Also: Tres Friere? I am unfamiliar. More homework.

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  5. nagasvoice
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    You know, I wonder if some handy extra sarcoboxes got stored there in Altamira for awhile, and perhaps someone who might be Devlin, or was once, or might be in future…got out of those boxes, somewhere in deep time, and became known to the people who drew that dancing stag.
    Just wondering.
    And I’m just amazed all over again at the phrasings here. “Man of sutured time,” isn’t that such an absolutely perfect description?

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  6. nagasvoice
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    from the BRitannica website, which is insisting on an annoying login…

    major reference ( in Trois Frères )

    …discovered in 1914, and most of the pictures of animals, together with a couple of therianthropes (half-human, half-animal figures), are located on the walls of a deep interior chamber known as the Sanctuary.


    So they do have a formal, scholarly name…

    another reference talking abot the figure:
    You can easily make out the figures to be beasts and cattle surrounding a high figure that reaches the cave roof. This central figure is about 70 cm or 2 1/2 ft tall and appears to be half human and half animal. The figure has deer antlers and [bold mine] wears a mask with an eye of an owl. Below the mask is a beard and the hands are hidden within bear paws or lion paws. The back of the figure can be compared to that of a certain animal and somehow it appears that the figure is wearing an animal skin of some sort. The figure has an erect penis covered by a fox tail.

    Experts called the figure ‘Animal Master’ and if you want to see the picture of the cave painting, you can go to France or you can search the net and simply type the words ‘Trois Freres’. Find a link that will show you the painting itself.

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  7. nagasvoice
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    You may also be interested in another piece that popped up when I searched this cave.

    The shaman painting tehre is startling enough.
    Check out some of the other paintings by hom, lower right.
    Anything look familiar there???

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  8. greenjudy
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    You have got hold of something interesting.

    The alchemical images are mighty compelling – and I note Kali…

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  9. greenjudy
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    I don’t know if we find therianthropes in Altamira, but [deleted character] seems persuaded that there is a link.

    I really hope the bad guys haven’t started rocking time travel.

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  10. greenjudy
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    There are some fantastic Horned God images in Marija Gimbutas’s works on Prehistoric Europe, IIRC.

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  11. nagasvoice
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    Looking her up made me sad to learn she had died, which says something when I haven’t even read her stuff!

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